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The Autoflower Network[edit]

All Autoflower Network Images are copyright The Autoflower Network 2019

Website Information[edit]

Founded Jan 1, 2011
Founders Mossy
Website ONLINE
Company Type Grow Forum
Entity Type Private Enterprise
Server Location(s) USA (Most likely), Canada (Previous), USA (Previous)
Yearly Net Income Unknown
Employees/Staff >20 Staff/Moderators (Known)
Number of Daily Visitors (including single hits, archived page hits and proxied viewership) >10,000 (pre 2019 downtime), > 100,000(July 2020)
Number of Members 37,186 (July 2020 @ 17:20 UTC)
Number of Photos 18,028 (July 2020 @ 17:20 UTC)
Media Storage Space >21.9 gigabytes on site, potentially approaching 10 terabytes of linked media (July 2020 @ 17:20 UTC)
Number of Discussions 57,244 (July 2020 @ 17:20 UTC)
Number of Messages 2,030,710 (July 2020 @ 17:20 UTC)


The Autoflower Network (AFN) is a large autoflower forum that touts itself as the largest online forum dedicated to autoflowering cannabis.

The Autoflower Network is a newbie friendly community that is sponsored by some large and independent growing companies. Many subjects are discussed there. Grow journals are documented there for people to decide which strains they wish to grow, and which equipment to use. The Autoflower Network has over the years grown to include many testing levels for those who are able to obtain free equipment, seeds and more to test for free in exchange for the users reviews. This testing aspect is being moved over to their new spinoff sister site, High of the Tiger (HOTT).

The Autoflower Network Mission Statement[edit]

Welcome to the AutoFlower Network. We are a community of autoflowering cannabis growers, breeders and enthusiasts. Inside you will find forums full of autoflower information, As well as some of the best medical marijuana documentation you can find anywhere.

AFN Radio[edit]

The Autoflower Network experimented with a web radio station in 2018.




Starting in mid June (approximate June 12, 2019), The Autoflower Network began experiencing intermittent outages which were attributed to their webhost having problems with uptime. Over the next few days the downtime went from a few hours to half a day at a time, with uptime of approxmiately 12 hours. Starting the week of June 17, 2019 uptime began to worsen. Over the course of the week, The Autoflower Network was impossible to access. This began with cloudflare not responding with 523 errors. After a few days, became completely unresponsive. June 24-29th Saw an almost complete outage of The Autoflower Network with only minimal uptime of less than 2 hours total, with uptime of approxmiately 15 minutes at a time. During this downtime, a few notable members of The Autoflower Network became refugees over at High of the Tiger (sister site of The Autoflower Network).

Vendor Displeasure[edit]

Multiple vendors on The Autoflower Network have voiced their displeasure at having major downtime and lack of value for their promotion of the forums during this downtime. This has been limited though as most have been very supportive of such problems and do not feel as though the downtime was due to negligence of the site administration team.

Notable Refugees of the June 2019 Autoflower Network Outage Displaced to High of the Tiger[edit]




Son of Hobbes



the green bandit








St tom




archie gemmill



Return to Normal Service[edit]

July 2019[edit]

On Saturday July 6, 2019 The Autoflower Network returned to normal service and operations at a new datacenter while losing a large number of posts from approximately June 20th 2019. This loss of posts and archives is massive but is to be expected. This is a big blow to the website and the autoflowering community has lost a large amount of information over this period of time. This is paving the way for other sites to begin taking away users from The Sutoflower Network. Analysis of current traffic indicates that it is expected to take at least 3 to 6 months (between October 2019-Janusry 2020) for The Autoflower Network to regain traction to a level of previous site ranking and viewership.