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Welcome To MyCanna.Wiki (MCW)

Getting started

This is a Brand new Wiki Started on June 30th, 2019. This wiki is a place to share information on cannabis. From beginner to Expert (and beyond) this wiki is meant to give a wide berth of information as possible. The goal of this project is to allow users to get a background of information on cannabis (also known as Marijuana) and allow us to learn more from each other through collaborate effort.

This wiki was originally envisioned on the chat room of the sister site of The Autoflower Network, High of the Tiger by MissUniverse as a method to develop a functioning cannabis information gathering and backup system after the week long downtime experienced on The Autoflower Network during the last week of June, 2019. The instability and downtime during the majority of the month of June, 2019 caused many new growers and many cannabis enthusiasts alike to be unable to complete their work and their grows properly due to this downtime. As MyCannaWiki is not directly affiliated with any other sites, we are able to maintain our distance from other sites if issues were to arise from legal issues around forum activities and stay independent.

This site will have an "in plain english" section of every page where the scientific methods described will also be described in layman's terms. Other terms which have multiple meanings will attempt to be differentiated and sorted through for potential term changes and terms will be marked by those searching as either irrelevant or as difficult to understand terms. Our goal is to have the most factual based information while still having a very easy to navigate space. This place is for hobbiests, medical users, recreational users, scientists, hobbyists, growers, and those just looking for some information.

This wiki is protected under constitutional right to free speech as it is simply a place to gather knowledge and as curators of knowledge we do not condone any illicit activities and our goal for this wiki is to solely archive information for the future and as protection of free speech.

Please read our Terms Of Service and our User Agreement as well as our Privacy Policy. By accessing this site, you agree to our cookies policy.

Terms of Service and Cookie Policy

Information on this wiki is provided on an as is basis without warranty of merchantile, fittness, correctness, or any possible medical or other outcome of positive consequence.

Want to help

This wiki requires registration to edit, this is so we can verify that the users are not vandalizing this information. If you want to help edit the wiki, or else wise, you can contact MissUniverse at Autoflower Network, High of the Tiger, or through email at autoflowerdottk -at- gmail (dot) com for an editors account. We welcome any and all help and NEED your help! Please help us!

Methods to combat incorrect information

We have approved revisions of pages by editors who have knowledge on the subjects that are at hand, and while these revisions may not be 100% perfect renditions of such entries, approved revisions allow us to keep revisions at the top of the wiki so we can do our due diligence as content curators by reviewing editors information and then publishing information we feel is valid. By requiring users to be manually approved by simply requesting an account, many spammers will stop their campaigns. This also allows us to verify that the information provided is not malicious as their time is spent editing and then the revision will not make it to the main page as the revision will remain burried and will then be deleted before the content makes it to the main screen. We hope this helps. Our plans also include using correct terminology here and not using simple terms such as "high" or "a lot" or "many" . While many other methods and ideologies are behind this wiki, this current revision does not address them.